Sunday, March 1, 2015

Los Angeles Library Tour - Altadena Main Library

How has this library gone under our radar for so many years? We've been through Altadena. We've had friends who live in Altadena. And yet, we've never visited either of their two libraries. 
We finally made up for lost visits a couple of weekends ago. The library is almost hidden in the woodsy foothills at the corner of Mariposa and Santa Rosa Avenue (aka Christmas Tree Lane). Walking inside, a sense of familiarity and comfort takes over. The library, designed by Boyd Georgi & Associates (from Altadena) was opened in 1967.  There have been some modernizations, but for the most part, it feels like 1967 in the best possible way
There are beautiful sculptures at both entryways.  Wood relief panels surround the desks. 

The children's room has a colorful mural.

The feature we loved the most there is a sunken reading area in the center of the library, complete with palm tree planter. (We hear they are looking for landscapers to propose a new design to fill the planters.
We were astounded at some of the books and cds in their collection. Thankfully the library has held onto the amazing collection they've built over the years instead of excessively weeding it of its charm.  They have incredible art and photography books, lots of jazz cds, and local history books we haven't seen at any other library. We checked out a boxful on our first visit. They had Glenn Bray's The Blighted Eye! I can't find that anywhere!
This library is a hidden gem in the forest, absolutely worth a visit.

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