Sunday, October 17, 2010

Los Angeles Library Tour - Acton / Agua Dulce Library

Over the last year, we've seen the Los Angeles Library Public Library System drastically cut hours, staff, and services. So, it was amazing to hear that the Los Angeles County Library System has opened a new branch in Acton. The Acton / Agua Dulce Christopher Colombo Brevidoro Library opened on September 29, 2010. According to their website, the library is named in honor of Christopher Colombo Brevidoro, an Italian immigrant who founded the Colombo Lilac Ranch with his wife Ida Brevidoro. Their sons, John and Robert Brevidoro, donated the land in 2003 to the County of Los Angeles for a new library.
This library is new. Really new. Everything inside was purchased new for the collection. We did speak to a librarian who said that some older books that had been donated from other locations would soon be making their way over. It is kind of an amazing thing to browse the shelves of so many new books. Most have never been opened before. They've filled the collection with a little bit of everything. Kudos to the Photography/Music section where I found a bunch of punk rock books.
They have a large children's area seperated from the rest of the library, about two dozen computer stations, and a nice selection of dvds and cds. Each cd is labeled on the spine with an easy to read black text on white sticker. Amazing! Why don't more libraries do that?
Everyone we came in contact with, both the librarians and patrons, had a sense of excitement and wonder. People were really interested in what the library had to offer. It was a good feeling.
And keeping with the tradition of local artists providing pieces to libraries, we find two great examples inside. Above the main desk hangs David Baker's "Reading Gives Your Imagination Wings". Two vibrant metal wings guard a scroll with this inspirational message. Across the library is Anne Marie Karlsen's "Frontier". It appears to be five patterned discs, but as you look closer, you see the patterns are made up of images from the Antelope Valley.
We took the 14 up to the library, passing the "Oak of the Golden Dream" (supposedly, where gold was first discovered in California). We passed by Vasquez Rocks and did our best Star Trek impersonations. We stopped in for breakfast / lunch at Crazy Otto's, home of the world record holding "World's Largest Omelette".
To summarize, head north out of town. Eat a big breakast at Otto's. Walk it off at Vasquez Rocks. Relax at the Acton / Agua Library.