Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thank you Southern California libraries!

A hearty THANK YOU to Southern California libraries. We've had the opportunity to visit so many this past year and look forward to visiting (and re-visiting) so many more this year. I am optimistic we'll have more time this year to give each that we've visited the love and attention their individual posts deserve.

Thank you to the friendly, helpful and knowledgable staff we've encountered at your reference and circulation desks.

Thank you to the reference librarians that took the time to answer our many questions, we never felt 'rushed' and always received the help we needed.

Thanks to the libraries for keeping us informed of their events, classes, new book section, Friends of the Library book sales and maps to their other locations.

Thank you for the entertaining exhibits and displays. Los Angeles Public Library's Central exhibit, 'As the City Grew: Historical Maps of Los Angeles' has already been a must for repeat viewings.

Thank you for making your library an inviting place to visit over and over.

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  1. Happy New Year! Thanks for hosting such a fun blog.