Sunday, August 15, 2010

Norwalk Regional Library

Curse you Los Angeles County Library! You tease me with the prospects of uncharted library terrain. But today, alas, I will not browse your aisles.

Let me explain:
We had just finished another amazing visit to the Whittier Public Library on Washington Avenue (it never ceases to amaze). Afterwards, on the trip back towards home, I found a comic book store we hadn't been to before, Comic Cult on Imperial Highway. Across the street was an amazing building. It looked gold and concrete from the distance. It seemed to exist
on an empty grass field. Was it an auditorium? It must be some sort of civic
building. It wasn't apartments.
We drove around to the front, it turned out to be The Norwalk Regional Library, a library we have not visited. And there were two amazing tile mosaics flanking the entrance.
The parking lot was kind of empty as we entered. Hmmm.... Are they a victim of budget cuts forced to close on a Saturday?
We walked up to the entrance, and to mixed emotions, we find out they are
closed due to a staff meeting. Whew! They will be open the next time we come back. And we can't wait to get back.
Once we were back at home base, we discovered that the Norwalk branch is in
the Los Angeles County System. Plus there are more mosaics inside.
While researching the library, we came across this great site about public art in Los Angeles County, spurring additional places to add to our long list of future trips.

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